It’s time for Commodity Hardware Mining

The mining situation is causing major strain on the electrical grid, and our wallets, but all that aside, It’s controlled by the GPU companies and it’s time for Open Source to find a solution.

I started with Linux in late ( LATE ) 90’s and I’ll never forget how shocked I was by what I could do with ‘free’ software.


However, the real magic was starting all around us and it transformed the world we live in.  Open source software allowed for commodity hardware to proliferate in data centers.  Sun servers were replaced by white boxes, white boxes were virtualized.

Living in the virtualized world we ran into a new proprietary vendor, Vmware.  Eventually Xen, and KVM appeared and virtualization exploded in so many directions that we eventually ended up with the cloud!

Open Source Commodity Hardware has allowed this world to flourish.

Jump ahead to these heady days of Crypto Mining.  What do we do?

GPU prices have skyrocketed! ASIC’s and demand rule the day!

Processors though at one point were climbing the Moore’s law ladder of Ghz now add cores, but mining is tied to the mighty GPU.

The electricity problem will most likely never go away.  The creation of the crypto blockchain and its numerous ‘coins’ or ‘commodities’ or what have you has caused a frenzy.  It of course is not shocking.  We essentially created a ‘thing’ out of thin air that based on controlled demand creates value.  Then to top off that cheesecake we announced that ‘thing’ can be created in your basement.  Humanity is fickle about most things, but they make perfect sense when you can create ‘money’ from the very items you already own.  We basically told people how to grow their own money tree, and shock of all shocks that tree is swallowing up all the nutrients ‘electricity’ required for all of life.

We created this problem, and I’m not declaring a solution.  I am however noticing that the direction we’re going is the very direction Bitcoin and children were created to solve. An item of monetary value that is controlled by the rich because the common man can no longer afford the hardware or the electricity to make it worth their time.

It’s time for the magic of abstraction via containerization to open up mining to the real masses.  The cloud is cheap because we have an abundance of cycles and platters ( okay, SSDs ) with which anyone can compute and store.  Why can’t those cycles efficiently mine?

Abstract away I say, and let’s keep this magic going, though at a pace where the common man can pick himself up by his bootstraps and make his ‘rig’ generate some real value.

That’s all for today!


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