GPU Prices for February 24

The prices below are rather raw.  I'm really hoping to add some true comparison data in the near future, and a process by which other cards are submitted. Moving forward I'm also planning on adding comparisons for used cards, though, not sure the strength of that market as of yet.

Blockchain Bad Actors

This week there is a flurry of news around a number of bad actors in the world community who are moving forward with plans to create their own cryptocurrency, or that they are moving forward with plans of doing the same.  The names of these countries are on the US's sanctions list, and at least... Continue Reading →

Fees Invadetokens and FUD

Unless you've been under rock these past number of years you've probably heard about hacks, scams, losses, horrible service, scary times, end of the world, as far as it goes with Cryptocurrency Platforms for purchasing / trading BTC, ETH, BTH and many others.  This week is no different as it goes with Coinbase. User growth... Continue Reading →

The Fork in the Road is the Wrong Fork

Though there are probably many of us who have received Lotto tickets for Christmas, based on the skyrocketing values of BTC, ETH and the like we probably wouldn't have minded receiving crypto currency. Though, that season has passed, and what to do for donations? Hey brother, could you spare a Bitcoin? Fidelity: Announced today, the global... Continue Reading →

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